Sunday, October 03, 2004

In the beginning

I always used to claim to be powerful in my thoughts, candid in my opinion and witty with my words. To make an inane claim without it being validated is illogical. There's no better way to evaluate your writing skills than to publish them and check its acceptance. I have attempted to shout my thoughts loudly, with out the fear of being shouted back at or being spurned by the scorning eyes of know-all critics.

It is one thing to criticize the creative writers saying "Oh gawd, they are baaaad" and quite another to roll up the sleeves, sip mug full of coffee and pour out page full of thoughts!

I don't claim that this blog is different from the million others in the blogsphere. You don't stop living in your home even if it isn't very different from someone else's. So here in these pages will parade my thoughts, opinions, successes, failures, laughter and the occassional tear without claiming it to be vastly different from your life or the next man/woman's.

So here goes..

I try my hand at blogging
Even if I dont have critics fawning
Hope that readers come back for more
Or atleast don't call me a bore