Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moon mission

I know this sounds cynical and insulting to our great scientists...

I would rather that the Indian government looks at the craters on the road I travel to work than worry about the geological composition of lunar craters.

How are you doing?

As yet another call began with an inane "How are you doing?" from the other end.

I muttered silently "If you find me on the road in a pool of blood, would you rush me to the hospital or worry about the upholstery of your car"

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Three coffees one conversation

One said "I don’t invest in stock markets and keep money in fixed deposits, see I am insulated from all this chaos"

Other said "You should never look to time the market. You should buy at each fall and sell after you have reached your target gains"

I realized why they ask people to be silent at a funerals.


Good thing about cricketers is not their million dollar bank balances, beautiful bollywood women in their lives, travel around the world.

It is their ability to retire when they have had enough of the job they are in!