Monday, April 28, 2008

Meeting at the Airport

He met at her at the airport,serendipitous though. Words, college nostalgia, crush trivia & poetry later, they parted with each other's contact info.

He hurriedly got online, found her blog had nothing but tastefully laid out recipes and elaborate food photography. He reminisced the intense verses and rabid prose she embellished the college mag with. He got offline as swiftiy as he came in, when he realized the only person she was linkedin was her husband who surprisingly had 250 contacts. "oh loser" he muttered before he turned the TV on.

With a slight trepidation she opened his blog to find nothing but psycho-babble and wretched monologues. Wondered where his vivacity and wicked wit disappeared. Sadly, he had less than half the number of contacts that her hubby had in linkedin. "Poor one" she mumbled as she approved yet another comment from a desperate male on her blog thanking her for the recipe and asking her email address.

Job Changes

He was thinking about the various jobs he had been in and thought he wouldn't have been in so many jobs had he been thinking then