Sunday, September 30, 2007

How to name it

Having seen:

* Cleavages
* Skyscrapers
* Engineering Excellence
* Dollars

Somehow,my heart longs for:

* தாய் பாசம்
* தந்தையின் பெயரில்லாத பற்றுதல்
* தாரத்தின் நேசம்
* என் அன்புச் செல்வன்
* சாலைப் புழுதி
* சுட ச் சுட காப்பி
* திருவல்லிக்கேணி கடற்கறை

Modern life complicates simple desires.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Public Transport

It has been a while since I used public transport.

Traveling by the subway at NY helped me relive those beautiful college years. Its a pleasure to...

- Gauge how well your instincts are working by identifying the person who is most likely to vacate a seat when you are standing

- Develop bond with strangers about whom the only things that you know are the time they travel, the station where they get off, their wardrobe size and variety

- Identify bathing frequency, music preferences of a few specifically "intrusive" co-travelers.

- be worried more about the body shape of the person next to you than yourself.

The one that thrills me most and annoys my next-seater is my desire to read the book/newspaper they are reading..