Friday, December 29, 2006


1. Water for the villages
2. WiMax for Bangaloreans
3. A fielder in 3rd man
4. VRS for Ponting
5. Iraq for Iraqis
6. Engineers in Engineering (and not Software)
7. Worldcup for Indian Team

and for me...

All the above

Thursday, December 21, 2006

At a loss

Someone told me casually over a conversation "I dont remember how much memory my Cellfone memory card has"

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tall woman

Every woman stands taller than the man she marries by the deeds she does in the course of that marriage.

The Little One

When it is your little one, you admire even his/her smallest proficiency though you get annoyed when someone narrates in great detail their little-one’s extra-ordinarily ordinary dexterity!

Walk to S-11

"S-12 is so far, its just S-2 now. Throw in a couple of AC coaches, that's one helluva walk. Also why dont they make the platforms more even, can't even pull my strollies here". These thoughts were immediately quietened as I saw a beautiful 22ish girl guide three 80ish oldies and tell them "Our coach is S-11". As we reached S-6, the girl said with a moan "Thatha, my legs are aching. Wonder why they can't even make the platforms even". The old man replied with a maturity that comes with age “Let me carry the bag, little one".


The place you grew up has the ring of your mom's kitchen. Each aroma arouses a million memories. As I strolled through the crowded, noisy, dirty streets the only thoughts that raced through my mind were perfect memory of my imperfect childhood. To re-live the beauties you ogled, the classes you enjoyed, the games you won, the bruises you carried, the failures you endured, the destitution you suffered. More exhilarating than a million orgies.