Thursday, July 26, 2007

Software Engineering

There is a saying in hindi that you should never spit in the plate that you eat from and a general rule that you dont belittle the trade that so many of your friends and relatives profess. I will make an exception and say...

Software is not Engineering!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

New York Nagaram

New York isn't half as beautiful as they show in the movies, it is twice as beautiful.

Few observations so far

- People are non-judgmental and generally helpful
- Women celebrate the summer by wearing dresses catering to the basal needs of men
- The subways are cellphone blackholes
- When people wear the "I Love NY" tshirt, they are not wearing a silly memorabilia but they are wearing their heart on their sleeve

Observations will continue....

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Rs. 10 God

I hate writing cynical rants, as I am a cynical person and want atleast my writing not to be so. However, this trip to Tirupati to see the other Balaji woke up the slumbering cynic inside me.

I was saddened to see humans selling priceless god for an "appropriate" price. For Rs. 10 one can get an additional serving of prasad, for Rs. 50 an additional laddu and for a princely sum of Rs. 100, the head priest would let you inhale the divine smell of the robe that the Lord wore the previous day. I found the whole thing obnoxious to say the least, though I must admit I was a silent recipient of all the above travesties.

Don't get me wrong, I am an intensely religious person in the silent sort of way. This mindless perversion of religion by the proponents occupying the highest chairs is saddening and shocking. It reminded me and for the first time in my life nod my head in approval to the lines Sivaji (Oh, I mean Sivaji Ganesan and not the Boss) spoke in Parasakthi.

It is symptomatic of the way things are around us, wrong people in important positions abusing their power to serve their selfish needs.

As I saw Him amidst all these pimps of a great religion, I muttered a silent prayer for Him and His well-being!