Thursday, August 31, 2006


The tightness of embrace
The lightness of touch
Felt sometimes on my cheeks
Lingers always in my thoughts

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lady and her Kid

"Arre Bete, have you taken you tennis racket and the guitar..." the beautiful lady told her 10 yr old son.

"I have asked the driver to pick you up from school after the tennis classes and take you to the Guitar class. Remember the guitar class is for three hours today as the teacher is going on a picnic tomorrow" after saying so and waving her son off snuggles in to the sofa, coffee in her hand and sinks in to her favourite sitcom.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Driver & Newspaper

Best traffic day....
Peering out of the window, wind ruffling your hair, thinking of our beloved one

Bad traffic day.....
Sweating, muttering, cursing as you read the newspaper

Worst traffic day......
Driver reading the newspaper!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Girl in the bus stop

I ogle her...

She: Your mind is dirty!

I read the newspaper...

She: Are you blind to beauty?


The person who speaks most in a meeting...

is the person least prepared for the meet

is the person who knows least about the topic of discussion

is the person who contributes least to the activity being debated

Traffic Jam

My car..

among a thousand others
moving in a dreadful crawl
as a funeral procession
for the death of the city.

Buttons on my TV remote

a few buttons on my TV remote with no numbers

those overworked buttons to watch what's so happening in there

at the parade of pointless parables plied as soaps

why the beaten path always takes one to a whore's shop?

Dad's love

My dad wants me to give more love to him than he gave to his dad
My son wants me to give more money to him than my dad gave to me...

I give more money to my dad than he gave his dad
and more love to my son than my dad gave me