Saturday, March 12, 2005

Nuggets over the internet!

Stumbleupon toolbar

When I received a mail from a long last friend saying "hey try this, catch you later" and nothing else, I realised two things...

He is in a lot of hurry and didn't have the time to elaborate and also that he had detected something really big that prompted him to mail me unmindful of his lack of time.

Stumbleupon is a remote button for the web aka your television set. It adds a toolbar to your browser (only firefox or Internet Explorer). After selecting your interests it keeps fetching webpages which are in line with areas of your interests. Since the webpages are interactively been voted by other users, more often than not you will be able to un-earth golden needles out of the internet haystack.

There is one disclaimer though, it is very addictive over a period of time. Don't download if they are very finicky about internet usage in your organisation.