Sunday, November 06, 2005

Rejuvenated India

Now that the series between India and Pakistan is comprehensively sealed its like watching a rerun of a suspense thriller. You are not so worried about the plot as much as the slight nuances of the tale.

With Sachin "God" Tendulkar not being successful in his ways of old, would he resort to the Sachin "Drag" Tendulkar techniques he employed prior to his injury? If he does so it would be sad for both himself and for the million other couch slouches in this wonderful evening.

Sachin, go in your normal blazing ways...after all its a game for fun and not a quarterly results of a dalal street darling. It's more important as to how you have made the runs more than how many runs you have made. Now, coming to think of it its true for the dalal street darlings as well. Its not important how much money you have made but how you have made it!

So God, we will pray to god for your century today!

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