Sunday, September 10, 2006

Movie Review - Lost in Translation

Movies are different from books (and I hate them for being that) in their making all the conclusions, deciding the whole story for viewer. "LIT" is one of the movies that lays the foundations and lets the viewer build the structure on top of it. Bill Murray, a travelling Hollywood star and Scarlett Johansson, the "housewife" of fashion photographer meet in Tokyo. The incomprehensible Japanese language and sheer boredom of an alien nation draws them together in to an undefined relationship.

The movie is unique in that it leaves questions for you to ponder and draw parallels in your life, when you are in a nation where English is not spoken and the beauty of the surroundings proves an irritation more than a attraction. The undefined attraction betweeen Murray and Johansson is something you experience often in life.

Dont look for this movie in the theaters, as it was released in 2003 :-)

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