Sunday, July 22, 2007

New York Nagaram

New York isn't half as beautiful as they show in the movies, it is twice as beautiful.

Few observations so far

- People are non-judgmental and generally helpful
- Women celebrate the summer by wearing dresses catering to the basal needs of men
- The subways are cellphone blackholes
- When people wear the "I Love NY" tshirt, they are not wearing a silly memorabilia but they are wearing their heart on their sleeve

Observations will continue....


Deepa said...

Shouldnt you be singing New Tork nagaram songs and writing diaries instead of appreciating women's dress sense?:-)

Rashikaps said...
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Rashikaps said...

oops! Deleted the original comment because I thought there was a typo. Added it again but looks like it didn't get registered. Anyway!

I like what you've written. NY used to remind me of Bombay. The fast-paced life where everyone is busy chasing their dreams.. :) I love the maximum city that much.

Added bonus - the short dresses cater to the voyeur in you. :)

Oracle said...


I dont look like Surya neither is there anyone around to look at my will continue appreciating dress sense..till winter comes or I go back to the land of churidhars.


NY takes me back to the Bombay days...only we cant get Vadapav here...miss those NMIMS vadapavs big time!

Moscow said...

Dude.. Have you been to city hall subway??

Oracle said...


I have never been there, what's so special about it?

Miss Iyer said...

Agree in totality! :)