Friday, August 03, 2007

New York Nagaram - Desi Observations

I know I am sounding like Jurassic park but I had warned "observations will continue"

Western women outnumber Indian women on the street by an order of 100 to 1.
The number of pregnant Indian women easily outnumber pregnant western women by an order of 10 to 1

You walk into a desi restaurant for dinner as you are late from work.
The restaurant would be so understaffed that an order like Veg Biryani, which is essentially heat-it and serve-it dish, would take longer to arrive than to cook a "delicacy" by your own, do the dishes and sink to a dreamy sleep of wife, family and home

Wife and husband would drive a $ 20,000 SUV to a laundromat to wash, dry and fold the clothes together.every other weekend. Why don't they buy a washer, dryer at home instead, if they can afford that $ 20,000 SUV?

In each college there are these stunning women, who the entire male population lust after. (In our college it was Sunita Gopal, how I miss ogling her even now). It was always a matter of great intrigue - Where did these stunners disappear to after college as you rarely see stunningly beautiful aunties in India. Most of them are seen standing in the NJ - NY subways carrying shiny leather bags, reading fat novels and listening to western classical musical in their iPods. Sunitas of the world, get out of your cocoon and grace the Indian streets occasionally - most of your fans feel left behind!



Gayathri said...

LOL!! "In our college it was Sunita Gopal, how I miss ogling her even now" Does your wife read your blog?? ;-)

Deepa said...

$20,000-SUV ownders live in a leased apartment that neither provides washer-dryer nor the space to put them up.
Sunita Gopal should stumble upon this blog sometime. She would so adore you today.:-)

Oracle said...


She does read the blog. Do you think she needs to read the blog to know how I am? ;)


Never knew of this angle about laundromats.
Sunita Gopa comment sounded like a standing ovation for me. Reciprocity? :)

I said...

the subway stinks.

Oracle said...

I didn't notice it as I was busy noticing the women. Pun Intended. :)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought what you will do when you bring your wife?? Do you accompany her or buy her a washer-dryer? I know you would rather say "I will not bring her" !!!

Oracle said...


I would certainly accompany her to laundromat! After all I am poor here!

What makes you think I won't bring her?

"I know you"

Chimera said...

u into oracle apps?
well, curiosity n all tat sorta thing...

NY for me is Columbia University, Woody Allen ,Friends n Sienfeld n of course Sex n the City :)

Oracle said...

Oracle apps -> whats that.. Oracle as in "know-all"

Most of your NY is proly my list of wants!

Miss Iyer said...

hahaha, Hilarious account! :D

bindu said...

A very funny thing ..u observe women (in general) a lot...Your ratio of western to indian womens tella abt it..[;)]...And Ms/Mrs Sunita Gopal..I'm sure she will worship you if she reads this blog now...

Sunita Aunty said...

which college are you from??

Oracle said...

Miss Iyer,



Yes I am very observant ;)


Glad you came here. Am from Guindy Engineering