Saturday, December 17, 2005

Ganging against Ganguly

Its been a while since I posted (as though the world is worried about it *ahem*). But the injustice meted out to Ganguly has aroused me out of the slumber in to logging in and go blogging!

Its the umpteenth time when the selectors have ignored a man with decent performances in the omnipresent need to "look at the future". It happened to Kumble, Laxman and many others. The lucky albeit undeserving ones like "whats his name that underaged wicketkeeper" had a windfall flouting their oath.

Its not fair to drop a performer whatever the merits of the argument are. We as a country are so deprivated coz we dont value performance and think foreigners are better.

I hope for the country's sake that better sense prevails

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