Sunday, February 18, 2007

Boston to Bangalore


I saw her first and felt that she was arrogant, studious without being intelligent, rich and beautiful. Perfect recipe for a Rajini movie heroine. By the time I realised she was kind, charming and witty as well, she was engaged to another classmate of mine.

American Life

When I came here, I came with this opinion. By the time I realised its fun to drive with Tamil MP3 playing, feast on endless variety of tasty stuff and wander around visually soothing malls, its time to leave to Bangalore


felicity said...

Good one.....Bangalore is a great place. And there is no country in the world like India.

Deepa said...

So where are you right now?

Bala said...


No bigger swadeshi than me in the whole world. :) I wanted to highlight the merits I saw here, thats all


Last 10 days at Boston, NY. Apparam... Vizhupuram :)