Friday, February 23, 2007


As I got out on the street,
the cabbie was just pulling close to the pavement
took me to the station by the shortest route
had change to the $20 bill.

The line in the check-in counter was short
the check-in interface seemed intuitive.

Life seemed to scream “have a nice flight” until I reached the gate and it said “Time subject to change, delay due to EWR weather’.


Deepa said...

EWR ?! Enga pettai.

Miss Iyer said...

haha, You mean, it was just another normal day!

Oh btw, I just stumbled here, to return your visit. You seem to have a short and crisp blog running here :)

Thank you for stopping by!

Oracle said...


Looked for you at the airport. Were you the one in the black jeans and pink tshirt with the pierced nose?


Miss Iyer,

When one has very little to say, they have a short blog!