Monday, March 12, 2007

A couch potato's recommendations

Sachin: I wouidn't mind you failing in the final as long as you take us there

Saurav: Silken cover drives, dancing down to off-spinners. An odd failure against Shane Bond is ok.

Dravid: Find the gaps not fielders. Remember against the aussies in the final, Sachin and Saurav are gonna fail. Standup and play the innings of your life in the final

Uthappa: BTW did I spell your name right? Mate, you have got the strokes but remember its a 50 over game not 5

Sehwag: Vote against your inclusion in the 11 each time you are asked to, thats the best you can do for the team right now.

Yuvraj: Clean strikes, impossible chases, breathtaking catching, the odd chinaman..prove your substance even if not in style

Dhoni: Carib grounds are small for you forearms. Remember to take the catches, you are the keeper.

Karthick: tamizhan yendru sollada thalai nimurndhu nillada

Zaheer: You are not a pace bowler. Whenever you get carried away, remember the last world cup when you got carried away from the field as a corpse.

Anil: You are India's best ever bowler and BTW Aravinda D'Silva is not playing this world cup. Wipe the tail off and prevent nasty last over hero all-rounders:)

Pathan: Ask Wasimbhai, Munnabhai, Dawoodbhai for tips, but for god's sake starting swinging the ball better than the bat.

Harbhajan: Band bhaja gore log ka

Agarkar: No longer can you be pardoned as "wicket taking bowler", watchout for the runs you give

Munaf: Sock it in to them and when it comes to 1 run needed off the last ball, find that streaky edge to third man


Padmapriya said...

Hi :)
I too vote against Shewag's inclusion.
Hey do u watch Tamil movies???.If u get a chance try to watch Lee.(not THAT great movie just 10 mins story.but 2nd half is good).I would say a movie released at the right time.

btw who will win this world cup???


Oracle said...


Will sureLEE watch Lee! :)

My Prediction: Australia. They are way too good. :(

Padmapriya said...

but promise me that u wont scold me, if u dont like it :)

my prediction is also the same :(

Deepa said...

LOL @ the advice for Pathan.