Saturday, March 24, 2007

The positives

Never late again to the office each third morning.
No more will we have to watch Sachin squat after he has been bowled as though the ball kept low
No more Dada's clueless looks as to how to stop-being-a-dravid and keep-the-scoreboard-moving.
No more Dravid's perfect English in post-match Press conferences describing horrendous on-match Performances.
No more Agarkar's run-up that reminds one of a Marina jog.
No more Uthappa's crisp hits that end-up as catches straight to the fielder.
No more advertisements that end in the second ball of the new over.
No more noodle strap Mandira blouses...

No more runs, wickets, run-outs, doosras, power-play....back to work. Game is over.


Deepa said...

Its Aaaalllllll over.

Gayathri said...

Well written!

Oracle said...


I am still sadness all over my face :(


Written abt things that didnt go well :(

Padmapriya said...

Very well said...
BCCI has to do something..

Miss Iyer said...

LOL, short and to the point!