Friday, April 27, 2007

Dilbert in real life

Confronted with an impossible timeline, a lucrative deal and a jaw-dropping opportunity, it didnt take me long to realise we needed help.

Seek help I did, called one of the brightest architects I knew and said "Mate, can you help and you are the only one who can. We have to get this out in 4 hrs time". And like a true mate he said "I will come over to your place rightaway"

After an hour of context setting, opportunity sizing and the attractivness of the deal he nods his hed, looks at his blackberry, clears his throat and says "It is a fantastic opportunity but sadly I am in a meeting with my boss for the rest of the day".



Miss Iyer said...

LOL! Which one of you got stumped?

Oracle said...

I felt like India after the Bangladesh Match a n unpleasent surprise

~Me said...

Dont we all hate black berry :|

Deepa said...

Wither art thou, oracle?

Oracle said...


I hate cellphones too


Me in Namba Bengaluru, neenga thaan aalae kaanum. :)