Thursday, April 05, 2007

Writer's block

Bloggers like me hit a writer's block when confronted with the annual appraisal form!

How about you?


Deepa said...

Appraisal form is the worst.

Gayathri said...

I hate filling those forms! And we have it half-yearly. :-(

Oracle said...


Small correction...appraisal is the worst!


Even we have it half-yearly but only once its accompanied by $$$, so I dont bother about the other!

Miss Iyer said...

In the recent past, I wonder if I've ever stayed long enough in one company to fill out an appraisal form :|

Btw, I've blogrolled you! Hope you don't mind it. Its easier to haunt your blog regularly that way :)

Oracle said...

miss iyer,

you are very very without appraisal that would be cool!

I love being haunted! :)

felicity said...

It happens to me all the time. Especially those days when I can write. Usually i get inspirations before exams and stuff. You know, what tough choices we have to make in life. Not fair:))