Thursday, June 07, 2007

What they dont teach at Business School

Have you noticed:

* When lost for words in a conference call, the Smart-Alec would collect his thoughts and start by saying "Oh! I never realized I was speaking to a muted phone"

* When Smart-Alec gets a company-wide mass mailer asking for some specific help, he would "Reply-all" knowing very well that the rest of the organization didn't reply as they don't care or they don't have a clue what it is it about.

* When Smart-Alec goes for a large group lunch at the office canteen, he would ensure that he is last in the line for buying coupons


Miss Iyer said...

lol, adding one more although not really something that they should have learnt in school

Smart-Alec would share an absolutely boring talk with a fellow smarty-pants and both would roar out laughing and you'll wonder what the hell the joke was all about :-/

~Me said...

lol so true

also smart-alec needs to know not all carry dictionary with them or use to read his

Oracle said...

Miss Iyer,

I hate loud laughing smart-alecs too.


I am one of those dictionary types too :(

Gayathri said...


Anuradha said...

Good ones Bala...I can almost imagine who you are talking about.